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The Origin and Manufacture of Papyrus

Leather, Parchment and Vellum (Illustrated)

Cartonnage (Illustrated)

The Book of the Dead

Coptic Papyri

Arabic Papyri

Table of Arabic Papyri Find Sites

An Introduction to Buddhist Votive Sealings (Illustrated)

Ushapti Figurines


(from Various Sources)

  • The Cairo Genizah - by Solomon Schechter -- An account of the discovery of an important cash of ancient and medieval Hebrew manuscripts and a discussion of some of the most important manuscripts found.

  • Greek Papyri in Egyptian Tombs - by Edward G. Mason -- Flinders Petrie's discovery of Greek payri at Gurob, a discussion of some of the most important discoveries and a review of The Flinders-Petrie Papyri.

  • Quill Pens - Illustrated article showing how they were manufactured in the late 19th century. Adapted from The Book of Knowledge.

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