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Citation Format 

Manuscript or Artifact Citation:  

To cite a a manuscript or artifact image from the exhibit list the item name/title and author/creator (if known) or description, object date, place of origin, (object measurements and/or materials can also be included) from the Bernhardt Collection (Item Inventory Number, if given), as in the following example:

Arabic Papyrus, early 8th century AD, Egypt, from the Bernhardt Collection

Reference or Bibliographical Citing

To cite the Papyri Pages Web site in a bibliography, list it with the URL, and the month, day and year you accessed it  (some style manuals now include the date the page or site was last updated in the listing), as in the following example:

Bernhardt, Theodore (ed.), The Papyri Pages,, May 1, 2006.

To cite a specific article or page in a bibliography, list the name of the article or page, the name of the site with the specific page's URL, and the month, day and year you accessed it (some style manuals now include the date the page or site was last updated in the listing), as in the following example:
Bernhardt, Theodore, "The Origin and Manufacture of Papyrus," The Papyri Pages, , May 1, 2006.

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