Arabic Parchment Fragment - Recto
Closer Look


Arabic Parchment Fragment - Verso
Closer Look

Arabic Manuscript Fragment
written on Parchment

(Probably a Legal Document)

Egypt, probably Fustat (Old Cairo)
9th - 13th Century C.E.
(3rd - 7th Century A.H.)

Fragment Dimensions:

    9.6 cm wide x 4.4 cm high

    Incomplete manuscript fragment.
    Cream colored parchment.
    Insect damage at top.
    Fragment shows signs of being torn and crumpled.
    Top edge of fragment appears to have been cut.

    Five lines of text using brown ink.
    Top portion of a document.
    Writing starts along upper edge with no border space.
    Reddish brown encrustations on surface.
    Right edge of fragment folded over 1.0 mm.  

    Single very faded character at top right.
    Surface is clean and shows signs of exposure to water.

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