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The Papyri Pages were begun on September 18, 1998 and consisted of only a single page with a title. The first actual content (images, text, and a single link) was added three days later. Since then, there has been continued growth and improvement, as new pages are added and old ones revised or retired.

16 Years and Counting!!!!

Recent Additions

  • Jan. 2015.  Seven new items were added to the exhibit on Stereo Views. It features over 30 vintage images from Egypt, Greece, Italy and other exotic locations.

Still Under Construction

  • A number of exciting new additions and renovations are planned and are currently under construction.

  • The Papyri Pages Exhibition was re-designed to include separate sections for the Manuscripts and Printed Items and for the Artifacts. Over the coming months, several new items, including additional manuscripts, manuscript fragments and artifacts, will be added to the exhibit. Some items currently on view will be getting new and better scans/images and in a few cases cases, current exhibits are being retired and will be replaced with updated and expanded presentations.

  • The Site Links section is slowly being being updated, expanded and reorganized. The changes will be phased in gradually. New links are still being added to the current pages on a regular basis.

  • and much more.........

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