- vii -

     The volume presented herewith to the public,
under the title, "Studies in Judaism, Second Series,"
forms, like the preceding series published some ten
years ago, a collection of detached essays and articles
written at long intervals and called forth by various 
     The first two essays, "A Hoard of Hebrew Manu-
scripts," were written shortly after my return from
Egypt, when the examination of the contents of the
Genizah was still in its initial stage. Since then, the 
Genizah has been constantlt revealing treasures to 
the world, to which only volumes of description could
do justice.  The publications containing matter com-
ing from this treasure-trove would by this time make 
a little library, whilst the editions of Sirach fragments
and the literature of controversies provoked by the 
publication of the original of this Apocryphal book
might fill a fair-sized shelf in themselves.  But the 
work is only just beginning; and as the field is so large 
and the workers so few, I confess that I look with envy 
upon the younger students who may one day, at least 
in their old age, enjoy the full and ripe fruit of these 
discoveries in all their various branches and wide 

- xi -
... S.S. January, 1908

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