Viewing the Images

Stereo Viewers

In order to properly view the images in 3-D you will need a stereo viewer or stereoscope.   There are many different kinds and variations of stereo viewers and they are still being made today.   If you have an old stereoscope at home you can easily print out the exhibit pages and cut out the images and look at them in your antique stereoscope.   You can also, easily purchase one of several types of inexpensive viewers.  The lorgnette type will let you view the images in stereo right on your computer screen.  These new viewers are made from plastic or cardboard with plastic lenses.   These viewers can be purchased from a number of stereo photography dealers, many of whom have Web Sites.  



This is a simple process where you can view a stereo image in 3-D without a viewer.  You simply start by staring at the stereo images until you see see three images.  When this happens, you want to adjust your eyes, so you can focus on the central image.  It will be in 3-D.  This may take some practice and not everyone may be able to do it.









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