Italy - Rome - Vatican - Interior Vatican Library

Italy - Rome - Vatican - Interior - Library
  • (18)  Grand Corridor, Vatican Library, longest room in the World,   Rome, 
                 Italy.              Copyright 1903, by Underwood & Underwood.


  • Underwood & Underwood Publishers.
    New York. London. Toronto - Canada. Ottawa-Kansas.
  • Works and Sun Sculpture (SW trademark) Studios ~
    Washington, D. C. Arlington N.J. Littleton, N.H.
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     "We are now  standing near the northern end of the long western wing of the Vatican and looking south.  Beyond the farthest limit of this magnificent corridor are the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's.

     The way to see the most of this magnificent distance (and, except in the rooms nearest us, we are fortunate in having shutters open) is to let our glance run along the sunlit marble floor as far as possible.  The room is actually a fifth of a mile long.

     The cupboards or cabinets on either side of this corridor contain valuable Greek and Roman bronzes, and oriental jewelry.  How the collector of rare, old volumes would revel here if he could come close as he liked!  This section and those beyond contain in their numerous cabinets priceless collections of ancient books and papers, manuscripts of the Popes, their correspondence and copies of their public documents, as well as the records of the official business of the Vatican.  One room is filled with documents written on papyrus.

     On the tops of all these cabinets are curious urns, lamps, statuettes and altar pieces, taken from ancient pyramid and crumbling tomb and gloomy catacomb.  The walls and ceilings are frescoed with scenes from the lives of Popes and are decorated with mosaics of great value.

     The library contains upwards of 26,000 manuscripts, of which about 19,000 are in Latin, 4000 in Greek and 2000 in Oriental languages.  The principal librarian is a Cardinal.  Permission to use the library can be obtained on recommendation of the ambassador from a traveler's home country or of some learned institution.  The tables we see are for the use of such accredited students.

    See  Rome through the Stereoscope, with special 
"keyed" maps locating all the standpoints taken: 
published by Underwood & Underwood.


Grand Corridor, Vatican Library, - Longest Room
       in the World,  Rome.


Description and Comments
  • Photographic print mounted on a curved dark gray colored card mount.
  • The image of this long corridor room displays a nice stereo-effect..
  • This stereo view is probably from an Underwood & Underwood set.


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