Italy - Rome - Vatican - St. Peter's Square

Italy - Rome - Vatican - St. Peter's Square
  • (10)  The Vatican Palace residence of the Popes, Rome, Italy
              Copyright 1903, by Underwood & Underwood.


  • Underwood & Underwood Publishers.
    New York. London. Toronto - Canada. Ottawa-Kansas.
  • Works and Sun Sculpture (SW trademark) Studios ~
    Washington, D. C. Arlington N.J. Littleton, N.H.
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     You stand here in the great square of St. Peter's, looking northwest.  The church, the largest and most magnificent church in the world, stands off at your left, holding the cross on its dome 435 feet above this pavement.  Another colonnade, just like this one you see before you, is curving around behind you; the two enclose the vast square here before this church.  You have to look and look again before you really take in the full magnificence of those pillars - compare their size with that of the horses near them and they begin to show for what they are.

      The building you see above the colonnade is a small part of the Vatican - an especially interesting part because it is that in which the Pope lives.  Beyond this, out of sight at this moment, stretch out other enormous buildings which are also part of the Vatican - the libraries, picture galleries, the museums of statuary full of treasures whose value is beyond any estimate in money.  There is one room in the library a fifth of a mile long, lined with cases containing precious books and ancient manuscripts.  The whole palace contains eleven thousand rooms and halls of various sorts, and though travelers become worn out trying to explore the rooms graciously opened to them, the greater part of the stupendous building is reserved for the use of the Head of the Church and cardinals who share with him the spiritual cares of Christendom.

     This obelisk of stone was brought over to Rome from Egypt by the heathen emperor Caligula, almost nineteen hundred years ago.  He became emperor only a few years after the Crucifixion of the Master at Jerusalem.  (Jerusalem itself is about 1500 miles away straight off at your right.)

     See Rome through the Stereoscope, published by Underwood & Underwood.

The Vatican.  Residence of the Pope - Rome


Description and Comments
  • Photographic print mounted on a curved dark gray colored card mount.
  • This stereo view is probably from an Underwood & Underwood set.


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