Italy - Rome - Roman Forum

Italy - Rome - Roman Fourm
  • (27) - 1991 - The Roman Forum southeast from the Capitol, Rome, Italy.
                  Copyright 1904 by Underwood & Underwood.


  • Underwood & Underwood Publishers.
    New York, London, Toronto-Canada, Ottawa-Kansas.
  • Works and Sun Sculpture (SW trademark) Studios ~
    Arlington, N.J. Westwood, N.J.
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Position 28 - Travel Studies on Apostolic Heros .

     "Away at the left are the great arches of Constatine's basilica; to the right of the basilica is the Colosseum with its tier upon tier of colonades lifted high in the air. Farther to the right is the arch of Titus, standing on the elevated ground between us and the Colosseum, and still farther in the direction is the wooded summit of the Palatine Hill. The church with the tall graceful bell-tower, between us and the Colosseum, is that of S. Francesca Romana. In the earliest times the Via Sacra is supposed to have run from this point on this side of the Colosseum near its centre, directly toward us, over the site of that church down the slope toward the eastern end of the Forum.

    "Those eight granite columns directly before us are part of the Temple of Saturn. The first temple was built here in497 B. C.; for centuries it was the treasury.

    "Nearest us on this (south) side of the Forum, is that spacious pavement of the Basilica Julia, founded by Julius Caesar, B. C. 46. The building was used as a place for holding law courts and was an exchange. It was from the roof of this basilica that crazy Caligula used to throw gold and silver coins into the Forum.

    "Beyond, on a raised superstructure may be seen three beautiful Corinthian columns belonging to the Temple of Castor and Pollux, dedicated 482 B. C. to the twin gods, in rememberance of their aid in defeating the Latins at the battle of Lake Regillus."

     (See "Rome through the Stereoscope," by D. J. Ellison, with special keyed maps, locating standpoints and identifying all important landmarks.)

     From Notes of Travel, No. 7, copyright, 1904 by Underwood & Underwood.

The Roman Forum, Southeast from the Capitol; Rome, Italy.


Description and Comments
  • Photographic print mounted on a curved dark gray colored card mount.
  • This stereo view is from the Underwood & Underwood set "Travel Studies on Apostolic Heros"
  • It is not uncommon for the same view to be used in different sets and have different positions in each set. This stereo view was also used in other Italy sets (note the position number differences on the front and back of the card (27 on front and 28 on back).


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