Jerusalem - Jaffa Gate 

Jaffa - Jaffa Gate
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Description and Comments
  • Photographic print mounted on a curved cream colored card mount.
  • This view is  looking west from just inside Jaffa Gate.  
  • Since this photo was taken,  the row of shops along the left side of the photo have been demolished.  The two buildings next to the gate, though slightly modified, still survive today.  The gate now accommodates only foot traffic and the roadway, now paved, has been altered to run alongside the gate.
  •  "Jaffa Gate" gets its name because the road from here leads to the port at Jaffa on the Mediterranean Sea. In Arabic the gate is called "Bab el–Khalil,"the Gate of the Friend and is a reference to Abraham (called "the friend of God" (Isaiah 41:8) for the main road heads south to Hebron (the burial place of Abraham)).

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