Greek Papyrus Fragment - Recto
Closer Look


Greek Papyrus Fragment - Verso
Closer Look

Greek Documentary Papyus Fragment

Age Undetermined
(probably after 2nd century C.E.)

Fragment Dimensions:

    Fragment A:  13.0 cm wide x 4.1 cm high
    Fragment B:  0.4 cm wide x 0.4 cm high

       Incomplete manuscript fragment composed of two joining 
       papyrus fragments (A - larger fragment and B - smaller fragment).
       Rectangular fragment with irregular edges (broken).
       Brown papyrus.
       Four small circular insect holes present.
       Fragment is dirty.
       The fragment may have been exposed to water.


       Four lines of text written in black ink.
       Writing is across the fibers.
       First two lines are very faint and worn.
       Right margin (?) may be present.

      Very faint traces of writing (parts of letters ?) 
      written in black ink are visible.
      Five tiny white dots (bird droppings, paint, ?) are 
      visible on top left edge of the fragment and
      one tiny white dot is visible near middle left 
      fragment edge.

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