Ushapti Figurine

Egypt, XXVth Dynasty
(767-656 B.C.E)

Front View

Ushapti Figurine - Front View

Closer Look

Back View

Ushapti Figurine - Back View

Closer Look

Side View A

Ushapti Figurine - Side View A

Closer Look

Side View B

Ushapti Figurine - Side View B

Closer Look

Figurine Dimensions: 
     6.2 cm high; 1.7 cm wide; 0.6 cm thick

     Mold-made red pottery figurine with traces of a green wash.
     The back of the figurine is slightly uneven and shows fingerprint
     and cloth(?) impressions.  The back also shows traces of glaze. 
     No inscriptions are visible.
     Small chip on top back of head.
     Mounted on Lucite base.

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