Mummy Coffin

Mummy Coffin

Egypt, Ptolemaic Period
(332 - 31 B.C.E.)

Coffin Dimensions: (Exterior Measurements)

      Length: 42.8 cm
      Width: 11.0 cm (top)  17.5 cm (bottom)
      Depth: 10.4 cm (top)  17.6 cm (bottom)
      Wood Thickness:  approx. 1 cm

Coffin Description:

     Undecorated shrine-shaped box.
     Wooden boards held together using wooden pegs
     inserted into drilled holes.
     Interior joints were once covered with plaster. 
     Some light yellow-brown plaster still remains.
     Minor traces of insect damage on the exterior (top).
     Back wood pannel has age crack.
     Interior back has cloth and resin (?) remnants adhering 
     to the wood surface.
     Piece of base missing exposing the pegs which held it 
     in place.
     Lid missing.
     Holes for lid attachment visible.


     This coffin probably did not originaly contain this mummy.
     Loose cloth and colorfully painted cartonage fragments 
     found inside the coffin suggest it once contained a much 
     more elaboratly wrapped mummy.  Signs of deteriation on 
     the wooden surface inside the coffin with cloth remnants 
     adhering (where a mummy was in contact with the wood) suggest
     that the original occupant was a slightly larger mummy. 

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