Falcon Mummy, side view Falcon Mummy Falcon Mummy, side view
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Falcon Mummy

Egypt, Ptolemaic Period
(332 - 31 B.C.E.)

Mummy Dimensions:

     5.5 cm (top) 3.0 cm (bottom) diameter
     33.5 cm high  
Mummy Description:

     Linnen (resin hardened)
     Constructed from three different weaves of cloth
     Body made of open weave cloth heavily impregnated with resin
     Head constructed of two types of tightly woven cloth.
     Wig is made of dark brown relatively thick cloth.
     Face is made of fine tan colored cloth.
     Eyes are made of black painted cartonage.
     Beak is made from folded cloth painted black.
     Facial markings painted in black ink.
     Back shows signs of deteriation.
     Cloth damaged (broken off) on front base of wig at the neck


     It is unclear if this mummy was originally more elaboratly 
     wrapped. The body may represent an inner core that was once
     wrapped in fine cloth bandages which have since disintegrated.
     Traces of dirt suggest it may have been exposed to the elements.

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