Letter written in Coptic on papyrus - Recto Letter written in Coptic on papyrus - Verso






Letter written in Coptic

on papyrus

Egypt, Coptic Period
(7th cent. C.E.)

Papyrus Dimensions:

     Frag. a: 13.5 cm wide x 16.5 cm high
     Frag. b:  1.5 cm wide x  5.0 cm high

     Two partially joining fragments from a papyrus document.
     Incomplete documentary text (probably a letter).
     The alignment of Fragments a and b can be
     approximated based of their fiber patterns.
     Papyrus shows exposure to the elements and damage 
     (strips missing on verso and some strips are now fibrous 
     and misaligned).


     Eighteen lines of text written in black ink.
     Written in Coptic.
     Upper portion of document is written in a carefully written
     uncial style script.
     Lower portion of the document written in a cursive hand.
     Possibly indicating different writers (?).
     The writing is along the fibers.
     Margins partially present in places.

     Single line of text written in black ink.
     Written in a Coptic uncial script.
     Writing is along the fibers.
     Left margin present.
     The ink is partially washed off and faint.
     Middle section shows damage (papyrus strips damaged/missing).
     Small section of a stamp hinge holding the two 
     fragments together is visible.

     This papyrus was probably originally rolled.
     It may also have been folded in thirds.
     Typically, it would have been tied with cord and probably
     had a clay seal.
     The verso edge nearest the single line of text would
     have been on the outside of the roll.
     The document was written by someone from a monastic or 
     religious community.
     The fragments are mounted in glass.


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