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Missal Manuscript in Latin


Frontis Page

Sacrificicium S: S: Missae - Printed crucifixion image on Frontis Page


Title Page

Sacrificicium S: S: Missae - Manuscript Title Page


Page 1

Sacrificicium S: S: Missae - Manuscript - Page 1

 Page 10

Page 10 (11)

Sacrificicium S: S: Missae - Manuscript - Page 10 and misnumbered duplicate page 10

 Page 23 (24)

Page 24 (25)

Sacrificicium S: S: Missae - Manuscript - Pages 23 (24) and 24 (25)

  Page 45 (46)

 Page 46 (47)

Sacrificicium S: S: Missae - Manuscript - Pages 45 (46) and 46 (47)

Page 89 (90)

Page 90 (91)

Sacrificicium S: S: Missae - Manuscript - Pages 89 (90) and 90 (91)

  Page 99 (100) 

  Page 100 (101) 

Sacrificicium S: S: Missae - Manuscript - Pages 99 (100) and 100 (101)

(Page 102)

(Page 103)

Sacrificicium S: S: Missae - Manuscript - Endpages showing borders and rule lines


Back Cover


Front Cover

Sacrificicium S: S: Missae - Manuscript - Binding)


Sacrificicium S: S: Missae

Europe (probably Germany)

Late 18th century


    Leather bound manuscript on paper.
    (4), 101 numbered pages (incorrectly numbered 100), (3)
    Leaf dimensions:  17.6 cm high x 11.5 cm wide.
    Binding dimensions:  18.0 cm high x 11.7 cm wide.
                          Approx. 1.8 cm thick (includes covers, each 0.15 cm thick).

    Manuscript written on stiff watermarked (partially visible shield or coat of
    arms(?)) paper (chain and rule lines visible).
    Latin text written in a cursive script in brown ink.  
    Text is contained in single line box border measuring 15 cm. high and 8.5 cm. wide.  
    Titles and section headers underlined.  
    Generally 15-16 lines of text on a page.                                                                                            
    Rule/guide lines (written in lead) and piercings (for borders) are visible.
    Some bleed through of ink and mirroring on opposite pages and occasional 
    ink smudges.
    Simple decorative intertwining pen flourishes at bottom of the title page, pages 89 (90)
    and 100 (101)).
    The manuscript is paginated in ink on the upper outer corner of each page.
    The pagination is incorrect.  It should have 101 pages and not 100 pages.
    It contains two pages numbered 10.
    Outer page edges have been painted red.
    Minor foxing to paper.
    Small water stain along the bottom edge of some leaves.    
   Frontis Page 
      Contains printed image on paper of the crucifixion glued onto the page.
      Closely trimmed image (page dimensions 12.8 cm high by 6.0 cm wide).
      Text (in German) below image "Du hast mich in Trubsaal angeruffin und ich habe dich errettet
      Psal.80 v 8   angeruh'rf an den Original     Th Bohacz sc."
      - see Note below.

      Bound in a dark brown mottled leather.  
      The spine has been rebacked in a similar dark brown leather.
      The original damaged (fragmentary, missing upper and lower ends) decorative spine has 
      been laid down on the new spine.  
      The covers appear to have been shellacked (?) and are fairly stiff.
      The original spine is decorated with an alternating pattern of flowers and bars in gilt.


     This manuscript is probably of German origin and was copied in the 1780s. It is a 
     small personal prayer book containing various prayers for different parts of the 
     Liturgy. Judging from the mirror imaging and ink stains on some of the pages, 
     the manuscript was written in a small bound blank book, rather than on loose pages 
     which were later bound.

     Thomas Bohacz (died 1664) was a German copperplate engraver.  The frontis page 
     engraving was taken from a printed book and dates to the 1750s.

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