Sealing No. 5

Sealing with Buddhist Sanskrit Text - Front View

Eastern India - 8th-12th century CE

Grayish-brown terracotta disk with seal impression. Complete impression of the seal.  Sealing has broken into two joining pieces. Bottom right edge of sealing has a clay defect. Patches of whitish  powdery material (clay) adhere to the surface. 

Type 1a seal containing 7  bands of text separated by lines.


Sealing with Buddhist Sanskrit Text - Back View

Undecorated.  Rounded back.  Bottom edge has a air space which has left a small hole.  Faint ridge impressions from the potter's hands or fingers are present.  Patches of powdery  whitish material (clay) adhere to the surface.  



2.5 cm high

2.6 cm wide

0.7 cm thick 


Enlarged Views



Enlarged View - Front

Enlarged View - Back



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