Sealing No. 10

Sealing with Buddhist Sanskrit Text - Front View

Eastern India - 8th-12th century CE

Brownish terracotta disc with seal impression.   Complete impression of the seal.  Sealing is complete.  Whitish clay or silt-like deposit adhering to the surface of the sealing in parts.  Edges of the sealing show pressure cracks which were created when the seal impression was made.  This indicates the clay slug was starting to dry out when the impression was made.

Type 4 seal containing 6 bands of text in an triangular script.


Sealing with Buddhist Sanskrit Text - Back View

Flat backed sealing.  Small chip to right side of the back of the seal.  The clay used for this sealing contains mica. Small silvery flakes of mica embedded in the clay matrix are visible on the surfaces of the sealing.



2.9 cm high

2.6 cm wide

0.7 cm thick


Enlarged Views



Enlarged View - Front

Enlarged View - Back



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