Seal No. 1

Bronze Buddhist seal - Front

Bronze Seal with incised Text - Front View

Northwestern Frontier Region, Pakistan
8th-12th century CE

Brown bronze flat disk seal with six lines of incised text in Brahmi script. The surface has been cleaned.  Some whitish patination still remains in the letters.

Type 6 seal containing 6 bands of text separated by lines.


Bronze Buddhist seal - Back

Bronze Seal  - Back View

Undecorated. Surface has been partially cleaned and still shows some of the original surface encrustation/patina.  There is some is damaged. There would have originally  been a double ring attached  in the center back of the seal.  This is missing.  There is also a small gouge along the outer edge which reveals a shinny copper-colored interior.



2.6 cm diameter

0.1 cm thick


Enlarged Views



Enlarged View - Front

Enlarged View - Back


Reversed and Inversed - Enlarged View - Front

Buddhist Seal - Inverse and reversed view

This view shows how the seal impression would look.



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