Mummy Cartonnage (Catalog Cart. No. 1)


Cartonnage Fragment - Actual Size - Front

Cartonnage Fragment - Actual Size - Back

Closer Look

Closer Look

Fragment of Mummy Cartonnage

Egypt, Ptolemaic Period
circa 300 B.C.E.

Fragment Dimensions:

     4.0 cm wide x  2.2 cm high

    Two joining fragments of painted cartonnage.
    Fragment is slightly convex.

     Painted gessoed (plastered) surface.
     Gesso is cracked and has holes from 
     insect damage.
     Lines painted in red, white, black (?
     or dark blue), and yellow (? or unpainted 
     Surface is dirty and faded.

     Shows the layers of papyrus used to make 
     the cartonnage.
     Papyrus layers are heavily insect damaged 
     (trails and holes).
     Insect pupal casing is visible on left side.
     No traces of writing are visible on the 
     papyrus layers.


     Images were scanned directly from the actual
     cartonnage fragment.

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