Arabic Paper Fragment - Recto
Closer Look


Arabic Paper Fragment - Verso
Closer Look

Arabic Manuscript Fragment on paper

12th Century CE
(6th Century AH)

Fragment Dimensions:

     Fragment a: 7.70 cm wide x 4.20 cm high
     Fragment b: 1.10 cm wide x 1.90 cm high

    Incomplete manuscript fragment written on paper.
    Two joining (?) fragments.
    Thick greyish-tan colored paper.
    Paper is torn, crushed, and folded.
    Two or more fold lines visible.
    Small ware holes present.
    Paper is dirty.
    Paper is unwatermarked and does not show
    any chain or rule lines. 

    Three lines of text written using dark black ink.
    Writing is in a thick and extremely cursive hand.
    No diacritical marks used.

    Traces of writing written using dark black ink 
    are visible at the top right edge of fragment.
    Thin diagonal line running across fragment.


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