Book - Verso Cover


Book Spine


Book - Recto Cover

Book Binding
Arabic Manuscript on Euclidean Geometry

Probably Afghanastan
Date Undetermined

Binding Dimensions:

    Cover - Recto   17.0 cm wide x 24.2 cm high
    Cover - Verso   17.0 cm wide x 24.2 cm high
    Spine           xx.0   cm thick

    Arabic manuscript book on Euclidian geometry.
    European-style cloth binding.
    The binding consists of cloth over cardboard covers.  
    The cloth covering is composed of linen strips and pieces
    of varying sizes, colors and weves.  
    The cloth originally had a thin paper covering (still partially 
    present on the recto cover).
    No writing/title is visible on the cover or spine.
    There is some insect damage to some of the cloth pieces (holes).
    The cloth has also suffered water damage.
    The water damage has resulted in mold growth and dammage
    to the binding's outer paper covering.

Additional notes about the manuscript.

    The book had been in a fire and was water damaged.
    Page edges are black/darkened.
    The original manuscript contains about 120 unnumbered folios.
    A propper colation is not available at the present time.


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