First page from an Arabic manuscript on Euclidean Geometry - Recto
Closer Look

Folio 1r from an Arabic manuscript
on Euclidean geometry

Probably Afghanastan
Date Undetermined

Folio Dimensions:

    17.0 cm wide x 24.2 cm high

    Recto of the first folio (1r) of the book.
    Yellowish "oriental" paper.
    This page is irregularly shaped and is composed of two 
    overlapping approximatly equal sized sheets of paper which 
    had been glued (?) together horizontally.  
    The two sheets of paper are no longer attached to each other.
    The verso of the lower piece (1v) has adhered to the recto of the 
    second folio (2r).
    The outer edges of the page are blackened (fire dammage -
    see additional notes below.)
    Paper is water stained and brittle. 
    The water damage has resulted in mold growth.  
    Patches of a powdery whitish mold and black mold are present on
    the surface of the paper.
    Paper is insect damaged (trail and holes).
    Paper is cracked (bottom) and torn.
    Small strips of paper have been glued over the right edge of the
    page (covering some of the notes) to help reinforce the cloth
    binding's attachment.
    These paper strips are water and insect damaged and small 
    portions of the paper adhere to the inside of the cover.
    Right side of the image shows the cloth binding attachment and
    a portion of the inside of the cover.

    Six groups of text/notes in various orientations are written in
    black ink and by several different hands.
    Portions of Folio 2r are visible along the outer bottom edge and 
    through some of the insect holes.
    Page is unnumbered.

Additional notes about the manuscript.

    The book from which this page originated was in poor 
    condition when it was acquired.
    The book had been in a fire and was water damaged.
    Page edges are black/darkened.
    Paper is heavily water damaged, especially around edges.
    Improper drying resulted mold damage (a podwery white mold
    and black spotty mold).
    Paper is brittle and some pages have stuck together.
    Insect damage to some of the pages resulted in trails and holes.
    Improper handling has resulted in some pages becoming damaged   
    (torn, cracked, and loose).
    The original manuscript contains about 120 unnumbered folios.
    A propper colation is not available at the present time.  

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