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Dec. 10, 1998
     Early Manuscripts at Oxford, Oxford University

Dec. 5, 1998 The John Rylands Library Image Gallery Ut Re Mi: Early Music Manuscripts exhibit at The John Rylands Library Paging Through Medieval Lives, Exhibit at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Dec. 1, 1998 Bodleian Library: Towards an Image Catalogue
Nov. 30, 1998 The Roman Site of Karanis 1924-1935 excavations exhibition from the Kelsey Museum, University of Michigan
Nov. 18, 1998 EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents From Western Europe
Nov. 16, 1998 Search for something on the web via ARGOS
Nov. 15, 1998 West Semitic Research Project, University of Southern California
Nov. 12, 1998 Argos Limited Search of the Ancient World
Nov. 3, 1998 The Oxyrhinchus Papyri Paul Halsall's Byzantine Palaeography Paul Halsall's Internet Islamic History Sourcebook Modern Standard Arabic Page from Harvard University The DScriptorium Photos of Important Biblical Manuscripts from Logos 1611
Oct. 28, 1998 Islamic and Arabic Arts The on-line Books Page Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents at Oxford University The Egypt Exploration Society Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts, Brown University Papyrologists Hall of Fame Treasures from the Bibliothèque nationale de France at the Library of Congress The Age of King Charles V from the Department of Manuscripts at the Bibliothèque Nationale Dresden: Treasures from the Saxon State Library at the Library of Congress Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts, Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Columbia University Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture at the Library of Congress Images of selected manuscripts from the Manuscripts Collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum Gregg Schwendner's Papyrology On-line
Oct. 25, 1998 Francis W. Kelsey and the Near East Expedition of 1919-1920 The Philodemus Project The Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit at the CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Links to Greek and Latin Classics Texts from the Library of Congress Perseus Project The Latin Library at Ad Fontes Academy The St. Pachomius Library Vergil's Home Page and The Vergil Project
Oct. 24, 1998 St. Shenouda The Archimandrite Coptic Society Demotic Dictionary Project
Oct. 23, 1998 Princeton University Papyrus Collection Hieroglyphics at Egyptologia Vaanderen VZW
Oct. 16, 1998 (Redesign of Page layout and style completed) University of Copenhagen The Institute for Greek and Latin Universität Heidelberg Heidelberger and Baden papyrus collections Università di Lecce Centro di Studi Papirologici Demotic Papyri Collection From Papyri to King James exhibit at the University of Michigan DEMOTIC TEXTS published on the World Wide Web
Oct. 14, 1998 (Redesigning the Page's layout and style was begun) Demotic Papyri Collection, Universita di Lecce Oxyrhinchus: A City and its Texts, Ashmolian Museum On-Line Exhibit Scrolls from the Dead Sea, Deas Sea Scroll exhibit at the Library of Congress Book of the Dead from Oriental Institute of the Univ. of Chicago English Translation of Book of the Dead by E.A. Wallis Budge Gardian's Egypt Copt Network (Copt-Net) Image of Coptic Prayerbook from Cairo Coptic Museum Coptic Culture from Egypt Information Highway project Culture Net Islamic Culture from Egypt Information Highway project Culture Net John Muccigroso's Papyrology Home Page ABZU: Papyrology Index
Oct. 7, 1998 University of Michigan Papyrus Collection University of Pennsylvania Center for Judaic Studies Papyrus Collection
Sept. 25, 1998 (Seperate Site Links page was created and put on-line) Tebtunis Papyri Collection, University of California at Berkley Carlsberg Papyrus Collection, University of Copenhagen Duke Papyrus Archive (moved from Welcome page to Links page)
Sept. 21, 1998 (on main Welcome Page) Duke Papyrus Archive, Duke University

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