Arabic Documentary Papyrus - Recto
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Arabic Documentary Papyrus - Verso
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Arabic Documentary Papyrus

Egypt, Late 7th - Mid 8th Century C.E.
(Early 2nd - Mid 2nd Century A.H.)

Fragment Dimensions:

    10.0 cm wide x 6.0 cm high

    Incomplete manuscript fragment on papyrus.
    Insect damage on top (trail) and bottom (hole) along
    one side of the fragment.  

     Beginning of four lines of text written in a Naski
     script using black ink. 
     Writing is across the fibers.
     Right margin present (2.5 cm).  
     Surface is dirty.

     The ends of five lines of text written in black
     ink using a Kufic script.
     Writing is along the fibers. 
     Left margin present (4.5 cm).
     Ink is slightly faded. 

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